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Signs of the Times

New York Magazine takes a look at a season's worth of headlines, and decides that in spite of a few setbacks, the difference between the pre-recession Hamptons and the Hamptons of today "is sometimes difficult to discern." To the evidence! While the price of lobster salad might be down from $100 to $40, the earliest Saturday night reservation at Nick & Toni's is still 10:45 p.m. And while the the project cost of the Parrish's new Herzog & de Meuron-designed museum dropped from $80 million to $25 million, it will still be a $25 million museum. It's a toned down Hamptons, but, in the end, it's still the Hamptons. [NY Mag]

Parrish Art Museum

279 Montauk Highway , Water Mill, NY 11976 631 283 2118