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Historic Thomas Moran Studio Restoration Still Needs $4M

The circa 1884 Thomas Moran art studio definitely looks worse for wear. In fact, the historic structure needs about $8 million total to make things right. Luckily, the ever-determined Thomas Moran Trust is hot on the case, and has already raised $4 million through various grants and fundraising. (As of '09, the trust has $2.5 million, but thanks to recent events, like a swanky party at the Maidstone Tennis Club, that sum has evidently jumped quite a bit.) So who's Thomas Moran and why do people care about his studio? Well, Moran's painting of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone helped convince Congress to create the measly National Park Service—so its safe to say his work on the East End is of the utmost importance. And on top of that, Moran's studio is actually acknowledged as the first artist studio "ever established in the Hamptons." In short, there's a lot riding on this building's decrepit shoulders.
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