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Sandcastle Renter Stays Put for Another 3 Weeks

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After a whirlwind vacation, East End newcomer and entrepreneur extraordinaire Cheryl Mercuris has decided to extend her lease of the $50 million Sandcastle for another three weeks. It's not clear how much she paid to keep the keys to the castle for the rest of the summer, but she did pay $500,000 for a two week period in July, so we'll let you do the math. Now why'd Mercuris decide to stick around? Because in addition to 31,000 square feet, the Sandcastle also offers its Queen networking and publicity opportunities galore. Mercuris even says staying in her Bridgehampton digs has helped her save money on other real estate investments. Not sure how that adds up, but Mercuris admits that the rental is "hard to justify, even in [her] own head." Don't worry, this rental keeps us up at night, too.
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345 pauls lane, bridgehampton, ny