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Ira Rennert Has 39 Bathrooms, But Would Like One More

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As you know, investor Ira Rennert has been sitting mighty pretty at his unfathomable 63-acre oceanfront spread off Daniel's Lane in Sagaponack. Rennert calls the compound Fair Field, others call it the largest house in America, and the WSJ just calls it "The House that Ate the Hamptons." But with 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, and its own synagogue, playhouse, and basketball court, it doesn't really matter what you call it—this place is pretty unforgettable. Sadly, however, Rennert isn't quite content with The House that Ate the Hamptons just yet: During a recent gathering, Rennert's daughter revealed that her parents would like to "add an outdoor bathroom" but "the town of Southampton is making it difficult." Why would the Board be so cruel? Uh, we can think of about 39 good reasons.
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