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New Bridgehampton Development Actually Met with 'Cooperation'

Over the past few weeks, the local Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee had the chance to mull over plans for the corner of Lumber Lane and Montauk Highway. Surprisingly, the plans, which call for 8,700 square feet of commercial space and the leveling of an unattractive beverage store, actually met with "co-operation, understanding and joint commitment." Well that's a first! And proof that we're not making this up: intel from a recent town meeting...

"The comments were more about the fact that since this change was happening in the village and would definitely be an improvement over the beverage store's appearance, both the CAC leadership and the members in attendance did not voice opposition." Of course, some officials took a knock at the project; one expressed concern that it might become a "Disneyland eye sore." But what's a Town meeting without some underhanded insults?
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