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Does Your Amagansett Dunes Co-op Have A Tower?

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A newly listed co-op in the Driftwood on the Ocean complex in Amagansett has entered the marketplace. But it's not just your sleepy shoebox apartment. This apartment's an "Oceanfront Tower Penthouse." Doesn't that sound powerful? The three bedroom, two bathroom spread checks in at an unheard-of 2,200 square feet—for this complex, at least—and boasts a wraparound deck and even a fireplace. But c'mon, nothing compares to that tower thing. Not quite sure exactly what the tower does, but it appears to have a nifty circular staircase snaking around its edges. So how much to preside over an unlikely oceanfront kingdom? A lofty $3 million! Now about those interior shots...(This place is still a little camera shy.)
· Listing: Penthouse on the Ocean [Saunders]