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Southfork Kitchen Says 'We Will Open When We Open'

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Last we heard, resto-blogger Bruce Buschel would open up his new baby, the much-talked about Southfork Kitchen, on August 2nd. But with that date behind us, Buschel announces in a recent Q&A session that the restaurant will ultimately open when it opens. We'll mark our calendars! Despite the setback, Buschel has learned a lot from the situation. He jokes:

Here's what I have learned: never announce the opening of a restaurant when you are building one from the ground up in the town of Southampton in the county of Suffolk in the state of New York in the nation of America. All four of those governments have codes aimed at protecting the public while prolonging your agony and picking your nits. We will open when we open. Lord have mercy.In the same Q&A, Buschel also reveals some new intel on the restaurant. First, the menu will have more choices than "take it or leave it"—the options available to Buddy Hackett as a child. And second, due to a recent policy change, Buschel will keep the restaurant open for lunch. Why? Because a commenter asked him to!
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