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Ciao! New Martini Rosato

More>>pomegranate juice and a sprig of fresh mint.
The modern aperitivo. Enjoy MARTINI Rosato on the rocks, or with equal parts
Simply stated, from the very first sip, MARTINI Rosato is captivating.
sensorial character, yet balanced. An inspired color, but a bold profile.
MARTINI Rosato is all at once modern yet rooted in heritage. A complex
MARTINI artisans, inspired by his unfulfilled vision. Every aspect of
Created from recipe notebooks left behind by Luigi Rossi. Brought to life by
fruits and crisp raspberry. Cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.
balanced. Fresh and fruity. Light Mediterranean-inspired notes of citrus
blend of red and white Italian wines, perfectly spiced and remarkably
Ciao! Presenting new MARTINI® Rosato. A delicious taste. A bold flavor. A