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Breyers Ice Cream's East Hampton Listing Is Now Fat Free

Sometimes the best way to sell a listing is to trim the fat. And that's exactly what broker Jim Oxnam did for his clients, the Breyer family, with their $35 million Lee Ave spread in East Hampton. When the property first hit the market some 10 months ago, it came complete with a 7,500-square-foot mansion and an additional vacant lot, which was also available separately for $6.5 million. After showing the house a bunch, Oxnam realized that "whoever bought the other property wouldn't be interested in the [vacant] lot"—so why sell them together? Thereafter, Oxnam edited the listing, chopped the price to $27 million for good measure, and re-marketed the new and improved light version. Today, Oxnam remains confident that the new spin will help sell the place; after all, "there are only so many buyers at $35 million." Very true!
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