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East End Rental Market Is Less 'Catastrophic,' More 'Normal'

As the New York Times so truthfully explains, 2010 has become the Year of the Procrastinator. According to a recent article, there's still hope for the unorganized beachgoers who have yet to select their Hamptons rentals: "options are still available in every price range." But don't let the hype get to you: the "catastrophic" prices of 2009 "have also rebounded," even if the rental terms have not. (Back to normal!) So while you might be able to snag a property for a lesser term, the discount won't necessarily compare to those of the Year of Lehman. The Times also adds that houses near the ocean have been gone for months, houses without pools are still undesirable (no way!), and rentals in Montauk are harder to come by than parking spots at Surf Lodge.
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