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Bridgehampton's Ocean Highlands Cuts Deals, Prices

Time to check in on one of Bridgehampton's most notable subdivisions, Ocean Highlands. The 26-acre subdivision, which originally included six 2 +/- acre lots and a 13-acre reserve, first entered the marketplace in May of 2007. Back then, the lots checked in around $7.995 million each. Today, however, those prices have come down over $2 million a pop, which resulted from price cuts over the past two months. Luckily, the first string of PriceChops triggered a sale on Lot 3. According to brokers Susan Breitenbach and Matthew Breitenbach, construction will begin shortly on the new house, which was designed by a noted Greenwich architect and already has an end-user lined up. With Lot 3 gone, buyers still have the option to purchase the remaining subdivision for $34 million or any of the individual lots, one of which comes with plans and permits in place. Go for the gold: Buy the whole thing!
· Listing: 455 Ocean Road [Corcoran]