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Former Celebrity Pads Throw More Brokers into The Mix

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Last week, Tory Burch's former $16.75 million Southampton oceanfront estate popped up on the market under Corcoran's Tim Davis. Burch originally received permits to demolish the modern house and rebuild a traditional house in its place. She has since decided to give the place up after closing on 25-room mansion, also in Southampton. Davis shares the exclusive with Sotheby's, which originally held the listing.

Chevy Chase's old pad also joins the broker pile on. With 10 bedrooms and a $25 million price tag, the Lee Ave cottage was awe-inspiring in itself. But its fame grew further once Gawker and the Observer reported that funny man Chevy Chase used to own the house. Today, Saunders & Associates published an online listing for the house, which presumably indicates that Saunders will share the listing with Prudential. Apparently, like their previous owners, these big-time Hamptons listings require the best!
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