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Montauk's Salivar's 'Could Become A Mini-Yacht Club'

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For the past three weeks, a Montauk landmark, Salivar's Bar and Restaurant, has been quietly searching for a buyer worthy of its $7 million price tag. Yes, every last piece of Montauk is officially on the market.

Spanning less than an acre of land, the 1940s structure boasts a "3,649-square-foot restaurant with indoor and outdoor bars," six boat slips, and room for expansion. With that in mind, listing agent Stacey Barnds of Town & Country adds that the unofficial landmark "has a lot of potential" and could even "become a mini-yacht club." Uh, fantastic? Not quite sure how the eatery's fishermen fan-base—or massive wall-mounted shark head (may he rest in peace)—will respond to that news. Thankfully, the restaurant is also available for lease, so it could remain largely intact. It all really depends on that blasted new owner.
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