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14,000 SF Briar Patch Manse Looks And Feels $2M Lighter

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[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

Atop a hill on the exclusive Briar Patch Road in East Hampton rises a 14,000-square-foot English country estate with an ever-deflating price tag. According to Streeteasy, the newish construction first hit the market back in 2009 for a staggering $15.950 million. But times were tough back then (market reports agree!), so it's not entirely surprising that the price took a 9% chop to $14.5 million. But much to our amazement, the property took another 14% PriceChop earlier this week, leaving the price at $12.5 million. What a steal! So what will this Briar Patch bargain afford its new owners? Other than some unique architecture and endless field views, the property's best amenities include a sophisticated pool house and lots of high-end wood finishes.
· Listing: Unique Opportunity in East Hampton [Prudential]
· 36 Briar Patch Road, East Hampton [Streeteasy]

36 Briar Patch Road, East Hampton, NY