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Continued Controversy at The Surf Lodge Makes People Cry

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The Montauk Citizens Advisory Committee recently aired out its continued concerns regarding the Surf Lodge in Montauk—and things got emotional! According to the EH Star, feelings went haywire after officials announced a solution to the "catastrophe waiting to happen" (read: the overloaded parking lot). The plan allows the Surf Lodge to valet cars at the nearby Montauk Playhouse Community Center for a one-time fee of $5,000. But the Playhouse resents the move, which it believes will lessen "its credibility." And most citizens still just resent the Surf Lodge and its undersized septic tank. Says one citizen:

I just care about the septic. I care about the natural world. I care about protecting life in that body of water. I'm asking this town board to stand up for the life in bodies of water, life that can't speak for itself. Please pay attention to what you're doing here when you give them more parking. Make them fix the other things before you give them this.That said, other citizens were more willing to just "help them solve the problem"; after all, the Surf Lodge did take a "dump" and turn it "into a really nice place."
· Tempers and Tears Over the Surf Lodge [EH Star]

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