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Officials Still Thinking about Trading Canoe Place Inn for 43 Condos

Several weeks ago, development firm R Squared LLC proposed a deal to protect the historic Canoe Place Inn so long as Southampton Town "considers a separate application" for the construction of 43 condos at a nearby waterfront site. (R Squared already owns both properties, but lawsuits and building moratoriums got in the way.) So how have folks responded to what one official calls the "perfect storm" of good versus evil, preservation versus development? It's a mixed bag! Some are bummed about "the prospect of added density in their hamlet." Others, however, are just happy to see the Canoe Place Inn preserved. Either way, officials point out that the compromise "is not a done deal by any means," especially since the developers are still holding onto a previous plan, which involves a "$100 million resort complex" and the inn's demolition. In other words, brace yourselves: it's gonna be a choppy ride!
· Condos in exchange for Canoe Place Inn restoration plan receives mixed reviews [SH Press]