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Montauk's East Deck Motel Joins The Lodging Shake-Up for $20M

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For the first time since it opened in the 1950s, the East Deck Motel in Montauk is available for purchase. Priced at $20 million, the 30-unit complex spans five acres of impressive oceanfront land "on a world class surf break" in Ditch Plains. But the motel's already "booked for the summer"; why are they selling?! According to broker Chris Coleman, "[the motel] has run its course, and the family is now moving on." So what will happen to the nostalgic albeit tired motel? Well, as the listing so explains, the expansive property is ideal for either a resort or a private residence. But with competition from similar properties—the Montauket Hotel rings a very loud bell—it remains unclear how the Montauk lodging shakeup will ultimately settle. Hopefully with The End still intact!
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