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Just Kidding! Wainscott Not Excited About High-End Grocery Store

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In early July, developer Gregg Saunders revealed plans to construct a high-end grocery store on the site of an old Ford dealership in Wainscott. Saunders claimed the decision came after endless informal polling, which pointed to a home-grown desire for a Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, etc. Turns out informal polling is also a little inaccurate: According to the East Hampton Press, Saunders received quite a bit of flack from the Citizens Advisory Committee. Are we surprised? Not in the slightest! Some contended that the grocery store would bring in far too much traffic. Others felt Wainscott is too utilitarian for a "Disney Design" grocery store. So is the grocery store dead on arrival?

To help downplay the traffic issue, Saunders suggested a delayed traffic light, which would give "drivers trying to exit a property located on a busy street more time to turn." Unfortunately, the suggestion received the oh, hell no! treatment, with one member explaining "you put a delay on that traffic light, you're going to have traffic backed up to the village." Ouch. Opposition aside, the Town Planning Board seems confident that it will be able to resolve many of these issues as the project progresses.
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