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Everyone Has An Opinion on The Supposed Shinnecock Casino

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Real or not, plans for a Shinnecock casino have certainly grabbed their fair share of the East End's small talk. And the conversation at last weekend's Love Heals Benefit was of no exception. The Observer caught up with many of the evening's bold-faced guests, and each had quite the opinion regarding the Gambling Hampton. Niche Media founder Jason Binn called the "hot topic" a "challenging discussion," noting he's "not a gambler." But Estee Lauder model Hilary Rhoda and actress Molly Sims shared the same indifference for the casino; said Sims: "I don't know. I mean I don't live near the Shinnecocks so I really can't make that decision. I really-I, I just don't know, that's my honest opinion." With the the latest reports pointing to the Brookhaven Calabro Airport as a potential contender, looks like—casino or not—the East End ultimately won't care.
· Hamptonites Ready to Roll the Dice at Soggy Luna Farm [Observer]

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