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Calvin Klein Decides to Downsize New Oceanfront Estate—Again

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On Meadow Lane in Southampton rests the 10-acre spread Calvin Klein purchased in 2003 for $23 million. The property came with a 55,000-square-foot monstrosity, "replete with spires, turrets and an indoor saltwater aquarium." But such fanciful if not grotesque adornments simply didn't jibe with Klein's clean-line aesthetic, so the house was torn down in 2009. Afterwards, Klein wanted to outfit the oceanfront property with a much smaller modern estate. The first set of plans, which were put together by architect Michael Haverland, called for a house 1/3 the size of the original castle. Today, however, the SH Village Review notes that Klein re-filed for an even smaller house. Bigger might be better, but smaller is oh so more fashionable.

According to the SH Village Review, Klein would like to bring Stelle Architects on as the new firm in charge. In addition, he'd like to see the height reduced by three feet, "weathered teak-framed" instead of metal windows, and a subterranean versus above-grade guest wing. Further, "There will no longer be any lawn, just natural vegetation." Apparently, the "board doesn't seem to have any issues" with the new plan.
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