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Sag Harbor Rental Has Hosted One Too Many After Proms

A few weeks ago, word came to us of a naughty Sag Harbor rental known to its owners as "Once Upon Sag Harbor"—go figure—that was caught with almost 20 underage transient tenants on two separate occasions. And now, per the Sag Harbor Express, more details regarding the high school share-house are available—and they're not pretty. For starters, police reports indicate that during one of the after prom gatherings, the property was littered with "copious amount of empty beer cans and liquor bottles." And during the other, citations were issued for underage drinking. On top of that, town officials also noted that "all safety equipment, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in the home were broken." To make matters worse, the property lacks the appropriate rental permits and Southampton Town doesn't even allow transient guests. The court recently issued a "temporary restraining order" on the property as a means to "shut down" the house from further use. Underage hooligans shed a joint tear.
· Southampton Town Shuts Down Sag Harbor Rental [Sag Harbor Online]