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Sleek Montauk Showplace Adds Equally Sleek New Furniture

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The story of the $4.495 million modern affair on Startop Drive in Montauk (and its brand new staging!) is an interesting one. The project started as a personal endeavor for the property's owner/developer, Tom DiMatteo. But after a change of heart, DiMatteo decided he and his new family would do better elsewhere, so the property was listed with Corcoran a year ago, slapped with a $5.8 million price tag, and given its very own blog. Thereafter, the price took a ride on the recession roller coaster, dropping to $3.995 million, and then rising to $4.495 million in February. (During the ride, we also named it one of the top ten new Hamptons homes of the decade.) Today, thanks to some swanky new furniture, the ocean-view house is looking better than ever. Check out the new look in our homemade before-and-after shots.
· Listing: 57 Startop Drive [Corcoran]
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57 Startop Drive, Montauk, NY