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Developer to Give The People What They Want, Which Is Whole Foods

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A few weeks back, word broke that an old Ford dealership on Montauk Highway in Wainscott would be up for auction. Well, after two days on the block, the property went for $3.9 million. So who came out on top? A part-Sagaponack resident, part-retail developer named Gregg Saunders. Unlike other projects, Saunders claims that this particular venture is “not about the dollars”—it's about the people! Via informal polling, Saunders concludes that a high-end, organic grocery store would be the site's highest and best use. (That's where Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Wild by Nature come in.) According to the EH Star, Saunders' next step involves "an extensive site plan review" and the pursuit of a special supermarket permit. (And that's where the fun begins.) After that, it will again be up to the people (read: the EH Town Planning Board) to decide on a specific supermarket chain. Let them eat cake—from Whole Foods!
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