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Former Gardiner Estate Hits Market for $29M

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The one-time estate of an old Long Island family, the Gardiners, has entered the marketplace for an unworldly $29 million. But the fun doesn't stop there! The estate also encompasses an unheard of 5.4 acres of land—right on East Hampton's Main Street.

The property's history starts in 1934, when the Gardiners commissioned the above mansion to replace a previous homestead, which was destroyed in a hurricane. A few decades later, it traded to real estate developer Shahab Karmley and his wife, Libby. The two put the house through a five-year renovation, found historic documents and photographs in an old wine cellar (read: buried treasure!!!), and even hosted the Beaches and Bays Gala, which earned the place a spread in Vanity Fair. But the stories that unfold as the couple tries to unload $29 million worth of blood, sweat, and tears (in this market?) might be its best.
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