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Cheapest Waterfront Listing Is Also The Brightest

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Today's under $1 million feature brings us to a sleepy section of Napeague Harbor in Amagansett North, where you'll find the highlighter-blue, windsurfer-ready, beach bungalow shown above. Other than its equally colorful neighbors, what makes the property so eye-catching? Well, at only $465,000, it also happens to be the least expensive waterfront house in the Hamptons. According to the listing, the property is perfect for artists and water-enthusiasts alike. But our favorite suggested buyer? "Someone who needs a quiet place to spend the summer while their residence is rented." Just because your Sagg place leased for $900k doesn't mean you should be without a place to stay!
· Listing: Amagansett Harborfront at An Amazing Price [Devlin Mcniff]