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South Main Street Waterfront Cottage Now South of $10M

On Lake Agawam in Southampton Village sits a circa 1883 Victorian cottage that just won't sell (shown top). According to Streeteasy, 257 South Main Street hit the market back in 2006 for $10.95 million—yes, about four years ago! Now, however, the property's owners have decided to drop the price to an even $9 million. So why did the owners throw in the towel? It's hard to say, but we'd have to point to the cottage's new competition, 143 South Main Street, which just hit the market for $12.2 million (shown bottom). Even though 143 South Main was also built well over a century ago, it's finishes (via an old rental listing) seem much more up-to-date, which might explain its much higher asking price. But will buyers really trade an extra $3.2 million and some killer waterfrontage for 143 South Main's snazzier decor? Let's have a fair match, you two.
· Listing: 257 South Main Street [Corcoran]
· Listing: 143 South Main Street [Prudential]