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Southampton's Distaste for New Benz Dealership Helps Tuckahoe

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The Southampton Town Board recently voted 5-0 in favor of the extremely controversial Tuckahoe Main Street commercial development. The landslide vote will enable the project "to move forward for consideration, public hearing and review in general." But why move forward with a project so many oppose? Because officials hate the new Mercedes-Benz dealership! Says one official:

[The current zoning] allows for uses such as a car dealership without having to come before the board for an exception or change of zone—a use the community was NOT interested in seeing. The new Mercedes dealership certainly acts as case in point, as it stands out for both size and intrusive, excessive, non-community like character. I for one do not want to see another one of those!In other words, given the possibility of yet another car dealership, a watered-down version of Tuckahoe might not be so terrible. But just how much of the Tuck' will make it through the review process? If the "Supermarket yes, strip mall, NO!" slogan catches on, then use your imagination.
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