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Buell Lane Cottage Has Color, Isn't Afraid to Use It

Set a few minutes aside to stare at the latest and greatest on Buell Lane in East Hampton. The cottage, which is listed for $3.995 with Corcoran, sits on 3/4 of an acre on a prime village street. But who cares—look at all of that stuff! You might not fancy the endless color palette, but you have to give the homeowners credit. Instead of picking one color scheme, they chose all of 'em. According to recorded deeds, the property traded in October of '08 for $3.350 million, which means the owners also stand to collect a hefty appreciation—fair compensation for decking this pad out to the beach and back.
· Listing: East Hampton Village [Corcoran]
· Recorded Deeds: 11/12/08 [EH Star]