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New BH Commercial Space Will Look A Lot Like Its Neighbors

In 2006, development firm BNB Ventures purchased a rough commercial site on the corner of Lumber Lane and Montauk Highway for $1.1 million. From the start, BNB wanted to overhaul the property and demolish the "dilapidated blue barn-style building" that used to hold the Bridgehampton Beverage Store. About a year ago, BNB was ready to unveil its shiny new plan, but quickly decide to "scrap" the whole thing for some unknown reason. Today, however, the firm is back with an amended plan that's sure to please naysayers. Per the Sag Harbor Express:

Board members had previously expressed concerns that the aesthetics of the new structure were incongruous with neighboring buildings, like the Nathaniel Rogers House and Bull’s Head Inn. The recent plans draw architectural elements, like Greek revival columns and accents, from these historic structures in an effort to reinforce the historic character of this particular area. The new building, which was designed by architect Frank Greenwald (you know it'll look nice because he also produced Della Femina), will boast a smaller footprint and a ton of landscaping. It will also include 5,300 square feet of office and retail space. So what did this project teach us? Flatter your neighbors! Be Sincere! Just imitate them!
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· Images: the EH Star, the Bridgehampton Hitsorical Society, Google Maps