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Mixed Review for The Grill on Pantigo; South Edison Impresses

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So what do guests think of two newcomers, East Hampton's The Grill on Pantigo and Montauk's South Edison? Let's see what food critic Gael Greene and Guest of a Guest have to say.

The Grill on Pantigo—Food critic Gael Greene approaches The Grill on Pantigo with low expectations—she's been discouraged by poor "reports from friends and family tastings." But her overall experience isn't so terrible. She's impressed with the Tavern Meatloaf, the wine list, and the baked macaroni. However, the soft shell crabs, the iceberg wedge, and several others don't go over as well. In the end, Greene thinks her Memorial Day visit was an unfair time to judge the newly hatched restaurant. [Insatiable Critic]

South Edison— Says Team GofG: "Basically everything about Chef Todd Mitgang's new Montauk resto was just plain great." The group found the cocktails and appetizers to be enjoyable enough; but the real winner? Each and every one of their entrees: "The tuna was perfectly seasoned, the lobster roll just lobster-y enough, and the homemade ravioli stuffed with the most delicious ingredients." [GofG]

The Grill on Pantigo

203 Pantigo Road, East Hampton, NY 11937 631 329 2600