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Sag Harbor Church Needs A Miracle—Or Billy Joel

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There's a 174-year-old church on the market in Sag Harbor, but nobody seems to know what to do with it. The tale of the Sag Harbor United Methodist Church starts back in 2008 when a retired Goldman Sachs partner paid $2.8 million to take the structure off the hands of a down-and-out congregation. The banker hoped to transform the building into a loft-like space, complete with the holiest seven bedroom floorplan around. Unforunately, the owner fell out of love with the place, and has put it back on the market for $3.5 million.

Since reentering the market, a whole mess of celebrities and entrepreneurs have scouted out the building, looking to convert it into a gallery, a nightclub, a restaurant, or even "a $1,000-a-night bed-and-breakfast called 'The Church.'" But from within that mix of ruffians comes the project's real voice of reason: Billy Joel. Joel wanted to convert the space into a recording studio, but was too daunted with the structure's poor condition. Now he has encouraged other buyers to consider "a 'good restaurant,' or a historical center. But not a nightclub: 'We don't need another nightclub—please.'" Praised be the piano man.
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