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East End's House Moving Industry Takes Interesting Turn

About a week ago, preservationist Sally Spanburgh added a little feature to her blog, the Southampton Village Review, called the Free Buildings Bulletin. Of course, there's a catch: the building's are not free per se—you have to pay to relocate them. But the idea of a "free house" catalog, even in its preliminary stages, is pretty cool!

Given the new bulletin (and all of the controversy surrounding this Sagaponack house move), you might wonder where the East End's house moving industry stands today. Says one prominent moving company, Dawn House Movers: "we are still not receiving the caliper of jobs that we were just 3 years ago because of the economy." But the company has noticed a change if not in the number of house moves, then in the motivation. Over the past five years, for example, moves for Historical Societies rather than for regular home buyers have jumped to about half of the company's total moves. In other words, let's get rollin'.
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