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Prudential's Dolly Lenz Asks Corcoran for Help

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With a $5.495 million Water Mill estate on her hands, Prudential power broker Dolly Lenz has done the unthinkable—she co-listed her own estate with Corcoran's Tim Davis. So why did Lenz bring in a agent from outside her own firm? Lenz could not be reached for comment, but Davis explains it's because Corcoran "is one of the best." And now that the home of Prudential's poster child is comfortably listed with Corcoran, it's time to evaluate it. The house, which is described as "one of the best values in the market today," comes complete with tenant-friendly finishes, a detached carriage house, and 1.5 acres. But we think Lenz's fraternal showing will really woo the buyers.
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