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There'll Be More to See at The Panoramic View

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Were you smitten with the first batch of renovated resort co-ops at the Panoramic View in Montauk? Thought so. And now, word comes to us from the property's developer, Distinctive Ventures, that the entire enclave will get the same five-star treatment—it's just a matter of time! According to Director Adam Manson, the firm will continue to cautiously slice and dice older units and transform them into larger, more thoughtful spaces. He adds that green asphalt roofs will make way for cedar shake roofs and that bells and whistles will abound.

What's the hold-up? As with anything new in Montauk, the project's permits were scrutinized, nearly revoked, and then scrutinized some more. And some of the co-ops are still held by their original owners (including several oceanfront cottages), which prevents any significant changes to their '60s finishes. As the developers forge foward, we remind ourselves that patience is a virtue—allegedly.
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