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Another Weekend, Another Violation at the Surf Lodge

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Last summer, code violations and angry neighbors were aplenty at the Surf Lodge in Montauk. And even though we're only three weekends deep, it looks like this summer will be another legal doozy for the ever-popular bar and restaurant.

According to the EH Star, the Health Department took a visit to the Surf Lodge last Friday and found the venue to be in excess of its 69-person capacity. (Legal action and a $2,000 fine are already pending.) Though minor, this violation joins the ranks of 55 other violations, 33 of which are still pending, and $9,000 in fines. Add to that an extremely messy parking situation, in which patrons would rather take a $60 ticket than move their cars, and you've got one heated debate. Says one frustrated advisory committee member:
The Surf Lodge is a hazard to the public health and a hazard to public safety. It’s an operation that ought not to be there. There are a number of newly acquired establishments and they’re watching closely. They want to emulate the Surf Lodge. If the town lets them get away with it and lets them continue to thumb their noses, we are, together, going downhill. Melodramatic language and citizen groups aside, the task of sorting out this situation ultimately remains with the Village.
· Surf Lodge Under Fire from Concerned Citizens [EH Star]

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