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14,000 SF Post Modern Estate Takes $2M PriceChop

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This expansive post modern Water Mill affair might be chock-full of amenities, but the PriceChopper doesn't seem to care! After hitting the market for an impressive $14 million in October of '09, the estate in question sat quietly on the market until just a few days ago when, slash!, the property lost $2 million off its asking price.

Disappointing—sure—but what about those amenities? At 14,000-square-feet, the property boasts so much space that you might get lost. But with 10.5 bathrooms, you'll never be without a place to relieve yourself—or to go for a swim: there are also two pools! Other than its size, the property's temple-like gold-leafing, tennis court, and guest house caught our eye. So is a hot summer sale eminent?
· Listing: Mill Creek Close [Prudential]
· Listing: Grand Traditional Home [Mercedes/Berk]