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Tony East End Builder Michael Davis Sounds Off on Luxury Market

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One of the Hamptons' finest builders, Michael Davis, sat down with The Real Deal recently to discuss the spec market, plug his $26 million Parsonage Lane listing, and—generally speaking—give that hype-o-meter a lil' spike!

With regard to the luxury market, Davis says he has never experienced a "surge" in business like the one he's in right now. Per the Real Deal:
Builder Michael Davis said he usually builds about five to six houses a year. This year, he's begun construction on five, and it's only May.Davis adds that one of his most recent projects, a 7.5 acre spread on Parsonage Lane in Sagaponack (above), has even received several offers despite its $26 million asking price and its limited time on the market. With such a positive outlook, we'll give this story a respectable 6.5—but only because it comes to us from an, er, unbiased builder. So what does $26 million worth of house look like inside?

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