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Owners of Summer Rental 'Hellhole' Strike Back at Peeved Tenant

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When last we left the news that real estate/private equity bigshot Keith Rubenstein had sued the owners of a $195,000-for-six-weeks Meadow Lane rental that he claims went all wrong last summer, it was clear that this game was just getting warmed up. And sure enough! Comes word today that the rental owners have countersued Rubenstein, alleging that whatever issues the place had, he played a role in their creation. Per Bloomberg:

Plaintiff flooded the premises with guests, servants and other staff beyond its capacity,” according to the complaint against Rubenstein. Mid-Summer Dream seeks damages of $200,000 for “abuse of process” and $25,000 for breach of contract... The $25,000 in damages the property owner seeks represents a combination of unpaid utility, maintenance and cable television bills, as well as damages to furniture, appliances and carpeting, [a lawyer] said in a phone interview.Also intriguing: reports that Rubenstein looked to extend his lease through Thanksgiving. “If the property was as dangerous as plaintiff now claims, plaintiff must have been suicidal when requesting the lease extension,” the owners dryly note in the countersuit. Pull up the chaise lounge, friends, because this one's just getting good.
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