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Here Now, Our Official Welcome to Hamptons Summer 2010

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It's Friday, May 28—the start of Memorial Day Weekend, and the start of Summer 2010. We'll take this moment to thank all the readers that kept reading Curbed Hamptons all winter long—growing this blog's audience to a size that dwarfs that of last summer—and to welcome back those whose eyes turn to the South Fork with the coming of those calming warm breezes. As we gear up to make Curbed Hamptons' coverage that much more comprehensive this summer, may we ask for your help in a few small ways?

· Tip us! Reader tips are the lifeblood of Curbed Hamptons. If you see something interesting or amusing, notice a restaurant opening or a store closing, send an email to Bonus points for attaching digital photos. · Curbed Hamptons Photo Pool. Speaking of photos, if you take great scenic shots, consider contributing them to the Curbed Hamptons Photo Pool on Flickr. They'll automatically appear on the front page of this site, in the Flickr widget you'll find a further down this column.

· Twitter. To stay abreast of the top headlines from this blog, follow @curbedhamptons on Twitter. Also consider following @hamptonstraffic, our automated-retweet service that lets gridlock-bound Hamptonities share realtime driving intelligence with each other.

As always, thanks for your help, and thanks for reading. Now let's start this baby up.