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Nick's In Montauk Hits the Market Priced at $4.5 Million

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Add another Montauk old-timer to your upscale restaurant/nightclub shopping list: Nick's, a South Emerson Ave. stalwart, is on the market for $4.5 million. The Corcoran listing for the place has tons of pretty photos, but for the backstory, let's turn to the East Hampton Star: "Claire Dowling, the owner, said she was a bit reluctant to sell the popular beachfront spot. However, she said, 'people in New York City have been approaching me,' and she felt it was time for a change." One solace: Nick's should be operational all summer while it seeks a buyer.
· Listing: 148 S. Emerson Ave. [Corcoran]
· Nick's is On the Market [East Hampton Star]