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Bridgehampton Resto-Blogger On the Zen of the Perfect Logo

If you're among the readers just joining us after a long winter's nap far from the East End, you may not be familiar with the name of Bruce Buschel. That's a shame, because precious little in life has brought us more joy over the past six months than Mr. Buschel's regular dispatches on a New York Times blog about small business concerning his plan to open a restaurant this summer in Bridgehampton. The entire saga can be traced here, but if we had to pick a favorite moment of his reign thus far, it would have to be the time he almost named his restaurant Dogwinkle. Having dodged that bullet, he settled instead on the stately, dull Southfork Kitchen.

Now, he needs a logo. Above, one of the six contenders posted on his blog. Click through for the others, and, moreover, for meditations on logodome such as, "Trying to distill the essence of your company or your message into a single word or symbol demands serious reflection and endless reduction." As we've said before: we cannot wait for this place to open.
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