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Outlook for Summer: Sunny with a Chance of New Tennis Outfits

If it's the week before Memorial Day Weekend, it's surely time for the mainstream media to let us know if this will be one of those summers when the Hamptons is in, or one of those summers when the Hamptons is out. To help track this important, issue, Curbed Hamptons hereby debuts the Hamptons Hype-O-Meter, a scientific 1-to-10 scale in which 1 means the Hamptons are totally, absolutely out/over, and 10 means Bridgehampton's Three Ponds estate has just sold for $100 million. And now, our first check o' the hype, courtesy, of all places, the Los Angeles Times:

On a recent sunny Saturday, a Bentley and a Ferrari were parked outside the East Hampton boutique of fashion designer and New York socialite Tory Burch. Inside, store manager Megan Ruddy was hustling between well-heeled customers examining $600 handbags and gold-buckled shoes. "It's going to be a good summer," she said. "Everyone is sick and tired of holding on to their money."... A year ago, Berger said, "people got by with last year's tennis outfit." This year she's seeing a renewed willingness to gear up for the courts.Hype-O-Meter Rating: A robust 7.5!
· Hamptons Again Warmed By Wall Street's Glow [LAT via Daily Intel]