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Federal Government Scrutinizes Elitist Hamptons Transportation Too

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If it's not our real estate agents, then it's our fancy transportation! Per Newsday, the Federal Government will soon release "mandatory flight patterns" for all helicopters traveling from New York City to the Hamptons.

The legislation, which comes to us from the Federal Aviation Administration, is designed to appease dozens of disgruntled Long Island communities. For the past few summers, Nassau and Suffolk County residents have claimed that the noise produced by low-flying helicopters has "virtually ruined their summers."

To quiet things down, helicopters would have to travel either "one mile offshore over the Sound" or over the Island's "least populated areas." (As if there are desolate parts of Nassau County.) Regardless, the $600 helicopter ride will become a lot more scenic for Hamptonites and a lot less disruptive for the rest of Long Island. With this case closed, who will the Feds scrutinize next?
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