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Opposition Mounts for $50M+ Plum Island Sale

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Once a strategic military base for both World Wars, the North Fork's Plum Island now braces itself for a whole new battle. For the past year or so, US Officials have contemplated moving the Plum Island Animal Disease Center elsewhere, which would in turn free the Island up for sale. But some higher-ups think the LI Sound simply won't be the same without the Sci-Fi pet project, which raises the controversial question: To sell or not to sell? We—of course—choose sell.

The Price—Experts value the Island at $50 to $80 million before the cost of environmental cleanup. That means, if sold, Plum Island could easily reign as the most expensive East End transaction of 2010.

The Endless Broker Babble—Government types call the island "a potential terror target because of its stock of vaccines and diseases including African swine fever." While worse things have been said about the Hamptons, we'd love to see brokers spin this one.

The Amenities—The Island boasts over 840 acres of Soundfront paradise, where paradise connotes 70+ abandoned buildings, a personal fire department, and a recently-upgraded bio-safety level three facility—complete with stainless steel appliances! The property practically sells itself.

The Otherwise Dull Sales History—The Island first traded in 1659 for one coat, some fish hooks, and other Pilgrim-era miscellany. Privately-held East End islands deserve better.
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