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Farrell Building Co. Unveils New Bridgehampton Office

You've seen where builder-to-the-stars Joe Farrell lives, but what about where he works? Take a look at the Farrell Building Company's new digs, which sit proudly on Bridgehampton's Main Street. Sure, the recently completed building looks little like the houses he builds—and it certainly doesn't pay respect to the charming 1800s cottage that stood in its place. But when you build houses that rent for $35K a day, nobody's going to argue with you.

According to past interviews, Joe Farrell and wife Kristen admit that Southampton's review board prevented many iterations of the office building's design, including "one that looked like a house, to one with shingles, to one with fieldstone, to one combining fieldstone and shingles." In regards to the original antique structure, the couple also explains that the cost of moving it, which came in at $80K due to logistical issues, made the structure's preservation nearly impossible.
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