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Beach Wars Update: Kalikow vs. Montauk Beachgoers, Round Two!

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Recall last fall's showdown between real estate scion and former MTA chief Peter Kalikow over a portion of beachfront in Montauk owned by Kalikow that he's denying everyone lacking the last name Kalikow the right to use? (Refresher, from our item last October: "Kalikow purchased the land in 2007 for $2.5 million and closed it to the public, causing a stir since the beach's former owners let residents come and go as they pleased. Kalikow's rep said his client had no immediate intention of selling the land back to the town, but instead hoped to build a home for his children on the property.")

Comes Page Six to update the situation. Has Kalikow's heart grown three sizes today? Hahaha, of course not. No, in fact, Kalikow lately has officially rejected East Hampton town officials who've offered to buy the land, and now, some folks are even more riled up! Says one, "I'm going to go there. I'm sorry. But I'll be there this summer. My kids are the fourth generation of my family who use this area." As ever, for our tastes, summer just can't come soon enough.
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