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House Move Update: Annoyed Neighbors, Broken Restraining Order!

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Just when one might have reasonably assumed we couldn't squeeze another post out of last month's Sagaponack house move, the East Hampton Star drops a doozy of a story on the move. Key allegation: that the Peconic Land Trust broke a restraining order issued in February that forbid moving the house within 300 feet of the intersection of Hedges Lane and Fairfield Pond Road—the very intersection it now does indeed appear to sit within 300 feet of. (A possible move of the house to another corner of the lot is being contemplated.)

And not only that. Neighbors like Goldman honcho Lloyd Blankfein are "said to be concerned about the humble house invading their mega-mansion enclave on an open field they thought had been preserved." And not only that. Given the farmhouse was built in the 1930's, some are wondering why anyone's even bothering to save it. Anyway, give the whole piece a read; there's plenty more gold therein.
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