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Sag Harbor Mexican Take-Out Shakeup: Agave's Out, Cilantro's In

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At the corner of Division and Union Streets in Sag Harbor sits Agave's South of the Border, an unspectacular Mexican take-out place. As of today, it's still open for business under that name, but via a trusted tipster, we've learned that it'll soon undergo a minor makeover and reopen as a—yes—Mexican take-out joint named Cilantro's. The news was just confirmed to us by Edgar Quezada, the new owner of the place, who says he plans to put an emphasis on "organic" and "fresh" Latino take-out. Quezada says he's plotting no major changes to the restaurant itself—perhaps some minor kitchen and cosmetic improvements before it opens under its new name on April 26. When asked about specific menu items, the only thing the new owner said with conviction was, "Fish tacos!" —with reporting by Alex Wood
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