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Former Lehman Exec Lives Quiet Life In East Hampton

She was a high-flying executive at Lehman Brothers right before it came crashing down to earth, but now former CFO Erin Callan is keeping a low profile in the Hamptons, according to Fortune Magazine. Low profile in the Hamptons? Sure, we'll play along. Some details of her so-called exile on Main Street:

-She lives in $3.9 million wood-shingled house with a gate marked "Callan."

-Dating Anthony Montella, a New York City firefighter and high school classmate from St. Francis Prep.

-Frequently dines at East Hampton's Citta Nuova, partly owned by Wall Street bigwig, Joe Perella.

-For the record, she did not, we repeat, did not have a mental breakdown, says Montella. "That's what people would like to think. It's so far from true. Erin is fine. She's very happy now."
· The fall of a Wall Street highflier [Fortune, via Business Insider]


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