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Amagansett Modern Abode Gets Its Sails Clipped

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It's a veteran of our That's Rather Hideous feature—aesthetic crime: odd, billowy sails lining the pool area—but there's something about this five-bedroom modernist house tucked into the Napeague dunes on the bay side that really does it for us. Maybe just us, though, as the place, which hit the market in (cue ominous music) August 2008 priced at $4.5 million has been PriceChopped twice in the past two months, first down to $3.45 million and, earlier this week, to $2.95 million, per StreetEasy. Is that the sound of a motivated seller we hear? Either that or our cellphone vibrating again.
· Listing: 360 Cranberry Hole Road [Corcoran]
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360 Cranberry Hole Road, Amagansett, NY